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The Montara Surf Boss can replace two boats with one.



In today's environment buyers are looking to get more for their money and that is exactly what we provide.

If you ride along any lake you will see dock after dock filled with two boats. Typically it will be a Pontoon Boat along with a Tow Sports Boat or another I/O Boat. This means they had to buy two boats, register two boats, insure two boats, maintain two boats, clean two boats, winterize two boats. This is where Montara comes in.


The Montara Surf Boss can replace these two boats with one. Our unique boat design offers the best attributes of a tow boat combined with the best attributes of a high end pontoon boat.  Get the room, ride, storage, and ease of entry of a pontoon boat along with the handling and wakes of a tow boat. Truly two boats in one.


As consumers watch their spending more closely, the Montara Surf Boss makes even more economic sense. If you take the average price of a tow boat being $200,000 or more, paired with a pontoon boat at $75,000 or more, that totals at a minimum of $275,000. A Montara Surf Boss starts at less than $200,000 giving the customer more value for their dollar.

- Chris Owen

President // Montara Boats


23' SURF BOSS 2.0

25' SURF BOSS 2.0

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