Make It Yours

Surf Boss  MT1.0

2021 25'

2 in 1

yacht/surf boat for half the price of a

single surf boat!

Height: 6‘8"

25' Comfort Deck


Proprietary hull design

Average blocks

per game:

Average rebounds

per game:


Standard Engine

Shoe size: 46

2200 pounds of standard ballast

409 HP
Number of points scored per game in the last season

Average minutes played per game

Comfort Style Power Design
  • Digital throttle and controls

  • Fully adjustable patented surf tabs

  • Zero Off GPS speed control standard

  • Total Control Touch Screen: center touch screen with engine management, stereo, surf controls, navigation and more

  • Rockford sound systems, USB port, ample cup holders and swiveling seats for maximum enjoyment

  • Yacht grade interior construction and styling

  • Over 100 cubic feet of storage