A collaborative effort between marine industry experts and the most technology-forward boat building factories- the Montara Surf Boss is a patent pending design. The process by which a Montara boat comes to life rivals the most advanced automotive builders in the world. CAD/CAM design technology, robotic manufacturing, carbon infused  molding and craftsman-like attention to detail joined with a global manufacturing perspective create boats unlike any others.


While Montara leverages the best technologies globally, Montara is a US company. Headquartered in Minnesota, the birthplace of watersports, Montara boats are the essence of fun on the water. Our management doesn’t come from Pepsi or Ford, rather a group of passionate marine business experts and professionals who have formed boat companies with building capacities of over 40 boats a day, are word champion athletes and have working relationships spanning 20+ years with dealers internationally.


Montara understands boat building at its core, as well as how boats get used from an avid user’s perspective. With features like proprietary hull shapes, creative seating arrangements, 5000+ pounds of standard ballast, digital throttle and controls, fully adjustable patented surf tabs, a custom tower with integrated bimini, speakers and lights and the comforts of a fully enclosed head and changing space, Montara's patent pending revolutionary designs truly makes the Surf Boss the first boat of its kind.


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